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The Chicago Area Radio Monitoring Association, and it's predecessor, the Chicago Chapter of the Radio Communications Monitoring Association (RCMA) produced a paper newsletter until 1998. It was then replaced with an E-Mail list server, first on QTH and now on Yahoo. These paper newsletters were produced by volunteer editors and mailed on a fairly regular basis, from 6 to 10 times a year. Often the editor or distribution officer paid for much of the expenses of mailing and printing. Many hours were spent accumulating the content, producing the master, making copies, folding, stuffing and mailing them.

Several people were responsible for the Newsletter over the years. CARMA expresses it's extreme thanks to the following:

Edward Robert Sirovy
John Arendt
Ted & Kim Moran
Rich Carlson
Kurt Stoudt
Bob Schelhas
Ron Kosinski
Will Sperling
Fred Shabec
Scott Lowry
Joel Love
Brandt Niemuth (sk)
Denny Beringer(sk)
Kevin O'Rourke
Bob Quinlan
Rod Pennington
Jeff Zeman
Bob Parnass
Apple Computer Company
BL&C (and all it's copiers we toasted)
And all the Contributers who provided material and other assistance!


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These Newsletters were taken from Rich Carlson's collection and scanned to a file. Please let him know if you have copies of newsletters not included below.

1992 (4.9M)
1997 (4.5M)
1988 (2.6M)
1993 (5.6M)
1998 (4.1M)
1989 (1.6M)
1994 (4.4M)
2002 (Feb) (148K)
1990 (3.5M)
1995 (4.5M)
1991 (4.0M)
1996 (5.2M)




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